“Most of us have a small nest egg tucked away that we’re not quite sure what to do with,” says Mandy Stratfold, a director of Precept Wealth Solutions. According to Stratfold, many of us end up keeping our savings in a cash account where we earn taxable interest, but we don’t grow our capital.


Her advice is to follow this three-step plan that will allow you to have funds available for emergencies, invest a lump sum that you add to monthly, and invest in your long-term capital growth.

> Keep one month’s salary (or at least enough funds to cover your standard of living for a month) in cash or a money market account — not a fixed deposit — as you want these funds to be liquid if you need them.

> Invest half of the remainder of your nest egg in an appropriate low-risk unit trust These funds can be liquidated at relatively short notice, but make sure you get professional advice as to the best fund for you. You should also invest your monthly savings in this fund.

> Invest the remaining half in a higher risk unit trust You should leave these funds invested for at least five years, and again, make sure you get professional advice as to the most appropriate fund. These funds do carry a capital risk, but they can be liquidated at relatively short notice.

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