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Compliance Officer

Crux Compliance (Pty) Ltd t/a Crux Compliance Practitioners

FSB reg No: CO3485

Compliance Officer: Justin Joannides

Telephone number: (011) 234-4921/91

Fax number: (086) 504-0010

Email address:


Crux Compliance Practitioner

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Precept Wealth Solutions hold professional indemnity and fidelity insurance cover.

Product accreditation details

The intermediaries are authorised and accredited to give advice in all the products as listed in the annexures hereto. Momentum, Old Mutual, Fairbairn Capital, Ninety One, Liberty Life, Sanlam, Discovery Life, PPS, Allan Gray, Prudential, Alexander Forbes, Coronation, RMB International, Nedgroup International, Metropolitan Life, Old Mutual International, Orbis Global, Nedgroup Investments, GinsGlobal, STANLIB, Hollard, Sentinel International Trust.

Please note that you are entitled to receive a copy of the Statuary Notice that sets out your rights as a policy holder from the intermediary.

Products and Services

PWS is authorised to carry on business in respect of Financial Advisory and  Intermediary Services as Financial Services Provider in respect of the following products and services:

  • Long-Term Insurance : subcategory B1; B2; C
  • Retail Pension Benefits
  • Pension Funds Benefits (excluding retail)
  • Participatory interests in a collective investment scheme

We remind you that all material facts must be accurate and properly disclosed to PWS.

Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FIC)

Please note that we are bound by anti-money laundering legislation which requires the reporting of suspicious and unusual transactions to the Financial Intelligence Centre.


All complaints must be reduced to writing and submitted to Amanda Stratfold at the above contact details.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the advice or intermediary service provided by a representative of Precept Wealth Solutions/Precept Investments, your first course of action will be to contact Amanda Stratfold in writing with full details of the problem you have encountered.

If your complaint cannot be resolved internally then you are entitled to refer the complaint to the FAIS Ombudsman whose offices have been established to provide clients with a redress mechanism for any inappropriate financial advice or intermediary services that may have been given.

The details of the FAIS Ombud’s Office:

Physical Address: Kasteel Park Office Park
Orange Building, 2nd Floor
546 Jochemus Street
Erasmus Kloof, Pretoria, 0048
Telephone Number: (012) 762-5000

Conflict of Interest Management Policy

  • The type of and the basis on which a representative will qualify for a financial interest that the provider will offer a representative and motivate how that financial interest complies with the provisions of this COIMP – Fixed salaries
  • List of financial interests paid by provider to third parties – None
  • List of financial interests received by provider from third parties – Fees and Commission
  • List of the nature and extent of any ownership interests held by the provider, representatives or associates in third parties – None
  • List of the nature and extent of any ownership interests held by third parties, representatives and associates in the provider – None

The General Code of Conduct for the FAIS Act broadly covers conflict of interest and requires that intermediaries disclose to their clients the existence of actual or potential conflicts of interest. This means any situation in which an intermediary or representative has an interest that may influence the objective performance of his obligations to his client or may prevent an intermediary from rendering an unbiased financial service.

We have adopted and implemented a Conflict of Interest Management Policy to ensure that we comply with the act and we confirm that, in the event that there is a potential conflict of interest in respect of the service rendered or the advice provided, the interest of our client will be accorded priority over our own interests.

A full copy of our Conflict of Interest Management Policy can be obtained from our offices upon written request to Amanda Stratfold.

Privacy Policy

We collect and process client’s personal information mainly to provide our clients with financial planning and or other financial services with whom we have business relationships with. The type of information we collect may depend on the need for which it is collected and will be processed for that specific purpose only. Where possible, Precept Wealth Solutions/Precept Investments will inform the client what information is required to be provided to us and what information is optional.

Precept Wealth Solutions/Precept Investments may require the client’s consent; we may also supplement the information that is provided to us with information we receive from other sources for us to offer a more consistent and personalised experience in interactions with us. Our contracted service providers may also require additional information from you and they will be subject to the same privacy regulations as we are subject to.

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