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How to make financial planning work for you

You are the focus of the financial planning process. As such, the results you get from working with a financial planner are as much your responsibility as they are those of the planner. To achieve the best results from your financial planning engagement, you will need to consider the following…

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Grown-up stuff

There’s nothing like discussing life cover,disability cover and writing your will to suddenly make you feel sober and very adult.mandy stratfold makes the tough stuff easy! Imagine you and your husband both work full time to support your family; you have two small children, a comfortable standard of living, and…

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Finance Audit

Director of Precept Wealth Solutions, Mandy Stratfold Managing your money well and being financially independent means being in a position where money constraints no longer get in the way of achieving your ideal life. To help you get started, try putting this plan into action:   Step 1 Keep one…

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What is retirement planning?

Generally speaking, Retirement planning is the planning of your finances for the period of life after youstop working. This process involves: considering at what age you want to retire; determining capital needed to cover living expenses and your lifestyle; determining capital available at retirement from retirement products and investments and…

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